Graphite ABS: 3 solid green LEDS, signal, no Web


I'd like to commiserate over this and maybe find a fix.

My Graphite ABS gets a bit "flustered" when it has to coordinate several incoming and outgoing connections (as with BitTorrent) and it just freezes up. The three LEDs turn solid green and my signal level drops to about 75%. Though I'm fairly certain some information is being passed between the ABS and iMac, I can no longer connect to the Web, and Safari will throw up the "Network Diagnostics" page.

I run into this problem the most when I'm downloading a ton of stuff (e.g., iTunes is retreiving podcasts, a Linux install CD via FTP, email is being checked and Safari is loading a website). It has happened when doing nothing in particular, too, but nowhere near as frequently. This problem existed in Panther and continues to happen in Tiger.

I've tried extending my DHCP lease to two days. I've enabled interference robustness. I've reset my ABS. The only solution I've found is unplugging the ABS, waiting ten seconds, and then plugging it back in. Surely there's a better way?