Graphite Airport Set Up


Some help please.
I have an airport Graphite that I want to set up as a network 'hub' with the prime computer... (is that a relavent term?) being a G4 400 running 10.4.2. I have 1.38 GB RAM. It is to be connected to a cable modem with Comcast.
I have plugged it all in... get apparent signal to the airport via the regular ethernet cable from modem to airport. My G4 'sees' the airport. The airport lights show power, port activity and communication.
My G4 doesn't seem to connect to the internet. While I feel like an idiot for not successfully using the assistant, no matter how I have re-attacked the problem... no connect.
What are the settings changes that I need to make for the G4 to successfully connect? I assume that there are multiple settings changes... is there a walk through that I can use?
The computer connects just fine when the airport is out of the equation.

After that... I want to set up my fiance's Dell and my clamshell ibook to the airport.

It sounds like your settings for Comcast are a little tricky to work out. Here is what I would do. If it works fine on the G4 when you plug directly into the modem, and then go into System Preferences --> Network and note down every setting. An easy way might be just to use the Grab utility to grab screenshots of the settings in the Network panels.

Once you've done this, plug the modem back into the Airport, and launch the Airport Administration Utility (found in Applications/Utilities). Open your Airport base station, and make sure that all of the network settings correspond to what you had set on your G4.