Gravis what's up


I just asked Gravis about drivers for OSX and they told me this officially:

"Sorry but we do not have working drivers for OS X. OS X does not support input sprockets anymore. When Apple releases a replacement for input sprockets we MIGHT make drivers."

I don't know about you, but it seems kind of rude of them to write that like they did. "we MIGHT make drivers"... jeez at least be polite about it.
How about more emails to them from various people who use their products ?

I have one of their game pads (the one that looks like playstation one) ... its kinda sucks that it doesnt work under OS X.

Also a lot of the emulators will have to be rewriten to get pads to work since there is no input sprocket support in OS X.

I agree....please, if you have a Gravis product, email them and let them know that we want drivers! Also email Apple and let them know as well!

The more we email not only these companies, but others who make products that aren't working correctly...the more demand they will see for their product and they will act on it, because it makes them $$$ when people use their product.