Greek on OS X


Simply Daemonic
Well apple might .... (I am sensoring myself as to not say anything bad), others are not like that.

I have stumbled upon this while trying to find some greek for OS X.

In the above link someone is working on a pre-release for keyboards for OS X, fonts are also included.

I have downloaded these and will test em tonite

I tried installing alpha 2 release, but it did not install.
I went back to the site and he )the author) had a newer version out.

Got that and tried to install it, same problem (maybe I need to clean install again... :mad: ... but as he says, those are the perils of alphaware).. I mailed him to see if I can just use a keyboard layout that he might have, I am expecting a response sometime soon.

Also, I sent him a separate email.
I dont know how many of you want a localized greek OS, but it seems that it is not going to be part of the international 10.1 release (just like classic versions of the OS, will have the upper hand as it seems :mad: !)

If there are any greek programmers out there that are interested, I suggested to the authos of macOS GR patch to have a small coolition of programer to localize the OS and maybe we can find a way to package it and distribute it for free, so long as it doesnt violate any copyrights.

When I hear back from him I will update this thread.
Are there any greeks out there willing and able to do this ?