MooCow III

I recently installed OS X.1 and was disappointed to find that it was basically the same as OS X but faster. There are still WAY too many features missing to be able to be called a good OS yet. First of all, any power user knows that we hate the mouse. So what happened to being able to launch applications using the function keys (F1 - F12)? No more! Also, this system preferences thing is nice, but what about the control strip? That was one of the best features in OS 8+!

Aside from this, I have the other "it's not done yet" gripes, such as a minor thing about how when you press cmd-tab it swwitches to the next application, but when you press cmd-shift, it goes to the one before, and when you hit cmd-shift-tab, it goes to the two before. That's kinda annoying.

OK... I'm done ranting. If you kow of any good plugins or extentions (whatever they're called now), I'd love to hear of it. Thanks!
try quickkeys for F1-F12 app launching
and mouse zoom ithink its called, if its mouse speed youre complaining about!:)

side note:I liked the concept of one application at a time
its really confusing with all these apps open at the same time
is there any way we could get that back!
Yeah, you could use Quickeys, and I downloaded that, but that was SO confusing to figure out, and in Classic it's part of the OS. These are gripes more about the OS than the lack of the function. I mean, why would apple leave somehting like that out? I just don't get it.
accelerating the speed of the mouse to 'turbo' or 'windows' is the opposite of what a power user would do afaik.

the mouse's purpose is to a) use a GUI (it's your hand on the screen) and thus should be set to a reasonable value unless you're the nervous type in real life, too and b) draw in graphics applications where the speed should be as slow as bearable so you actually *can* draw.

what the threadstarter was referring to was that power users like to touch the mouse only when needed so you can optimize your work speed. if you're typing in a terminal and then want to switch to Mail shortly (and back to the terminal) you should also be able to launch Mail if that's not launched yet. just an example here, don't start talking about which mail client to use or not to use. :)

but the real point is: there were some features that power users really loved. also mouse power users. like spring open folders. they would be great in column view. features and options are still missing from the os, yes.