groggy php pages


Just curious since im still trying to take the grand tour of OS X Server if there is some reason why when going to any php page on my server there would be a 10-20 second delay on the page and any page there after (longer for flash player after php)

Running: Mac OS X Server 10.4
Hardware: Power Mac G5 Duel 2.7 | 2.5Gig Ram
Router: Linksys (20,21,25, 80, & 110 are forwarded | Firewall:Off )
Isp: RoadRunner:BusinesClass(T3)
Using: php4 module

traffic and cpu monitors arent even close to max

I should mention though I dont know how related it might be but Im getting errors for ftp access too.. thought maybe ports are blocked or congested

thanks for any help