GUI History - Lisa


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In my continuing quest to trace & document the origins of the Graphical User Interface (Ok, I'd hit all my regular porn sites & was bored) I found this URL:

'screenshots' are here:

I found it interesting that early versions of the Lisa interface resembled OSX more than they did MacOS.

Relevant quote:

There was concern that simple tasks, such as deleting a document by dragging it to a wastebasket, would be overly cumbersome as the user tried to locate the wastebasket buried under open documents. Locating documents in nested folders was also considered too unwieldy. The scenario of opening a series of nested folders, accumulating more and more desk clutter along the way while searching for a document, seemed to be less efficient than a real world paper filing system. Some suggested that people would spend an inordinate amount of time positioning icons and moving or resizing windows. Others argued that mimicking the office filing system would simply give people an electronic version of a system that already had many problems.