H2 grab a satellite image for the screensaver?

James Bond

I would like to grab (every 6 hours, with a cron job) my local satellite image from


where the file is always called m_2_ir.jpg

and drop it into the directory for the custom screensaver so that I can have the latest view of our fabulous european weather.

How can I do this from a command line. Looks like wget might help but I cannot get it to work and am unsure which options to use....I am behind a proxy that needs proxy.pandora.be port 8080 to be set.


set http_proxy = http://proxy.pandora.be:8080/
set use_proxy = on

...according to the GNU documentation but it still hangs when I try to retrieve anything eg:

[localhost:~] roger% set | grep proxy
http_proxy http://proxy.pandora.be:8080/
use_proxy on
[localhost:~] roger% wget www.cnn.com
--16:37:48-- http://www.cnn.com:80/
=> `index.html.3'
Connecting to www.cnn.com:80...
connect: Operation timed out

--16:39:03-- http://www.cnn.com:80/
(try: 2) => `index.html.3'
Connecting to www.cnn.com:80...
this post is funny, the createor answers his/her own question... reminds me of another post somwhere on this forum...hhmmm...