Haha haha haha

Well, I actually like the design. And the full compliment of ports on the back and the USB on the front. If I had to buy a PeeCee for myself, I'd consider that. Small and stylish. Nice.. but NOWHERE as nice and beautiful as anything Apple has now. Not EVEN the G4 Cube, which I still want them to bring back.
I would say that it's still way too big, and while the kid definately gets a 10 on cute, he still doesn't really save the fact that it is... way too big...

I bet it runs cooler than the cube though ;)
"Cube"? Yeah, right. It looks like a home-built amplifier in a cheap aluminium case :)
I could've done that design myself in three minutes... :p
you know... that thing looks really easy to throw...

when you get pissed (well, if you run windows...) you can easily go

"gah!!! PeeCe of shit!!!"

get a good grip on it, and toss it out of the window
It looks like a piece of crap to me.
They didn't even make it cubic!
And WHAT a name! It sounds like a mid-80's PC or something :p
It's bigger than the cube, it still has a fan, they don't show it in operation because it would have cables running everywhere, and it runs Windows.
they should call that the rectangle or something looks like something from the 80s, you're all right haha. The design of that thing is horrid, and how did that receive an 11/10 when the cube is 1000x better!? Interesting how people think now-a-days about how good their PC is....look at the ports on that thing, they even look lame! wow firewire! we had that 2-3 years ago haha