Handwriting look like grafitti ???


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I keep reading posts on other boards about how their handwriting looks like grafitti due to the time they spend on their palms (more recent example on maccentral.com, the article about the NC school system to give palms to its students...dumb but anyway)

I just love to tell em that my handwriting, however slopy it might look at times, looks like MY handwriting since I use a newton and it undestands my handwriting ... lol no assimilating grafitti :p

Just felt like I had to share that :D

I feel kinda jipped.
My handwriting looked like graffitti LONG before I ever owned a palm.

Does that make me a trend-setter? or just another geek with bad handwriting.....
are you a doctor ?? lol doctors have the worst handwritting ever lol :p ... it's amazing that pharmacist can see it ;)

I;ve also noticed that we men have worse handwritting than women, while women are more caliphraphic or less sloppy in writing...

so we have 2 counts against us/....
we are men, and we are mac intellects lol

on the other hand .. if you worked on the graffiti team... and they used you handwritting for the glyphs you ARE the trend setter ;)
Originally posted by AdmiralAK
on the other hand .. if you worked on the graffiti team... and they used you handwritting for the glyphs you ARE the trend setter ;)

If they modeled it off your handwriting, I bet a lot of people would want to sue you for their discomfort;)...
umm..... I have GREAT handwriting.. yeah! that's it!!!
it looks nothing like graphitti!!;)

heh... heh....heh....

(sigh) yeah. whatever. I'm only fooling myself.

well... at least I USED to have great handwriting.

but nothing that I can be sued for (thankfully).
you could probably countersue asking for dibs on the profits made from the original graffiti (sold seperatelly as software for the newton) and you can ask for a % of the profits from each palm already sold and sold in the future...after all it would be your handwriting :p

Maybe if I had copywritten my handwriting in the early-mid 90's anticipating such a glorious windfall.

But, alas... such is not the case.

Some opportunities come, some opportunities go...

In the meantime, I may have to move along with my life.

There is an idea here, though...

What if we could copyright the method that our thoughts use to make chaotic patterns, so that when the next "big thing" comes along, where people can just "think" to thier pda devices, we'll be there to harvest the rewards?!?

even then... do you think that our brain patterns will become as messy as our handwriting has?