Hang when wake from sleep (again)


Once again my G4 iMac is semi-hanging when waking from sleep. The GUI responds like normal, no problems, but no new apps can be launched (they bounce and bounce and finally end up in this "not responding" state) and existing apps can't do anything that touches the HD. I suspect that the HD is not waking from sleep but I can't say for sure.

Anyone else experience this? While I have not read much online about the problem I've seen it on my mother's G3 too so it can't be that uncommon.

The only hint is that this problem was there in 10.1.4 and went away with 10.1.5, only to resurface after last Friday's security update. Might just be a coincidence, hard to say.

FYI I ran the Apple Hardware test and the machine checked out fine. After rebooting with the power switch Norton reported a "A Major Error was found in the header node of the catalog B-tree" error. No idea if that happened before or after I power-cycled.



... well, I've had this on and off with my iBook for ages. And recently also observed it on my girlfriends iMac (both running 10.1.5, but I've had the problem since about 10.1.3 I think).
I *think* it's due to NW apps waking up and finding no NW. The main culprit on my machine seems to be Mail. If I always remember to close Mail and IE/NS before sleeping, then it *always* wakes up fine. If either of them are open, then it wakes up find *most* of the time, but now and again hangs. Recently, when my girlfriends iMac hung on wake, I was able to remote login to the machine with ssh and have a look at the processes. Indeed it was the Mail app that was at the top doing something but failing. I killed it with -9 signal and that did the trick. The system came back to life.

So, recap: Either always terminate Mail and IE (and any other network applications) before going to sleep OR make sure that you can always remote login to the box so you can kill the offending task :)))

Of course, the above are only work-arounds. The real problem probably lies in the Mail app itself and needs to be fixed by Apple ... but I'm seriously starting to doubt that Apple will ever get round to fixing that bug.

Anyway, hope that's of some help :)

Good luck.