Hard Disk Toolkit troubles

9600 G3

I recieved an old 2gb drive from a PC friend and wanted to use it in my 9600. I had to initialize it using Hard Disk Toolkit. All is well until I started to run OS X now when I switch back to OS 9 I can no longer see the drive. Is there anyway to force Drive Setup to work? Does anyone know if Drive Setup will work in OS X to do this. It does not give me an option to update drivers or initialize. The drive is just used for documents and scanned images.

lost Harddrives seems to happen only to HFS-formatted drives. (?)
The partitions are there - you can see and use them e.g. under OS9 from sherlock, or see them in the OS X finder. (But no longer on the desktop)
This seems to happen to Hd-Toolkit AND Apple formated drives.
So far no idea for a solution (try using gregs browser under OS 9 to access the lost drives)

It works now. I reformatted the drive with verification and set it to HFS+. (It was HFS before) Booted into OS X and back and the drive is still there. Thanks again.