Hard Drive Corruption


I have been receiving the little yellow box that states that there is potentially a hard drive problem and to run a disk repair utility. When I run Norton's Disk Doctor I get a problem that there are many files that are cross linked. What I end up doing is backing up the hard drive and reformatting it to resolve the problem. I then reinstall Mac OS 9.2.1 fresh only to have the problem occur again after a few days. The Mac is a B&W G3 with 384MB of RAM. I have also tried disabling the built-in Energy Saver features and tried going with a third party application(Black Watch).

norton doesn't (yet) seem to work properly for os x, could be it isn't handling 9.2.1 properly either ... you ought to try disk warrior ... the problem with x seems to be that norton cannot yet deal properly with unix... i completely ruined my system once when i listened to disk doctor and did what it asked me to do ... haven't used it since ... from your post i'm not quite certain whether you've only got 9.2.1 installed and no x, or whether it's both ... if you've got x, try -fsck by logging into console ...
hope that helps... :)
First thing don't use norton, it can cause issues,
what you need to do is use "fsck" (file system check) its a command line
util. But for it to work properly you will need to be in single user mode.

To get into single user mode, there are two things you can do, the first way
is to hold down [option] + (i could be wrong here)
the second way, is to log into the console, by supplying to the login panel
<console as the username no password, at the console type your admin
username & password, (or root if enabled) then type "shutdown now" press
enter, and wait till your left with just a command prompt,

okay now your in single usermode, type "fsck -y" and again untill it reports
no changes to the filesystem, then type "reboot" and you should be fine.