Hard Drive replacement from G4 Tower into G4 Cube Fails?


Hi all,

Looking for ideas why replacing the 20G HD in my son's G4 Cube with the 40G HD previously removed from my G4 Tower (graphite case - digital audito) a year ago when I replaced it with a 120G drive.

The 20G drive being removed is a Maxtor, the 40G replacement is an IBM Deskstar. I copied all the data from the 20G to the 40G, put the 40G in. Didn't really expect it to boot immediately, but I had expected to be able to boot from my Norton CD or MacOS10.3 installation CD. Instead, I get the grey apple on white screen, with spinning progress indicator, for a few minutes, which then turns into a grey circle with a slash through it.

Any idea what's going on here? Any reason to expect the IBM disk not to work in the cube?



Mac Metal Head
You get the apple with the x though it when booting from the CD?

The IBM disk should work fine, if you are booting from CD it shouldn't be causing any problems. You may want to check the settings on the disk that you pulled out (master/slave/cs) and make sure the IBM disk matches.