hardcore customizer ibook memory


as i've built computers before (on windows) that a newly built computer without memory would not even boot, same to say for mac (i'm guessing).....

as for my ibook, it comes with a 256mb...while in the user guilde suggest my ibook will not run no more than 1.2g of ram (for windows as many slots as you want, not how much memory is in the slot)...i highly doubt that my ibook would cap my ram size if i am able to expand it to 2 gigs of ram. As for notebooks, i highly doubt that the rams are stuck onto the mother board for refirmbish or recycle purposes...

so i'm wondering does anybody have any idea where the internal ram is? because i'm not willing to shoot in the dark without any idea where i'm aiming nor am i willing to risk my ibook by tinkering and wondering where the ram actually is. so once again...does anybody have any idea where to on the ibook g4 1.2ghz model no. A1054, is the internal ram or any idea where it is located or have picture?
There are two RAM slots on the iBook. The first, which holds the 256MB onboard memory, is hard-wired into the logic board. The second is an SO-DIMM slot accessed by lifting off the keyboard, then removing the metal plate below that. Diagrams are printed on the underside of the keyboard advising the user on how to access the RAM slot and the Airport card slot. No, the onboard RAM does not come off the board.