Harddisk Optimizor is needed!


My Mac OS X now runing very slow. I think It has too many fragments. Can anybody now where can I get a tool to defrag my harddisk? I hope Apple add a utility of defragment to OS X.
I hope Apple provides a basic defragger too. It's a basic enough utility that it shouldn't have to be a 3rd party thing. Everybody needs it.

In the mean time, I think you have to boot from another disk and use something like Norton Utilities' Speed Disk.

I have painstakingly made a profile that optimizes the os X system files to the front of the drive, then the os 9 if present, then the users files and users folders and lastely any temp files from OS X or os 9 with the end file being the all important VM SWAPFILE!!!
The perfromance difference after this is very NOTICABLE.
no more trashing!!

Other profiles in norton stick the swap files whereever in os X and ignore the system files because they have a blank file type. Mine does neither. Unfortanately, I have no where to post it because the genius at resexcellence says his system runs fine with NO defragging and the idea of people defragging their systems scares him.

So, if you want it, email me at parvanit@buckeye-express.com or email resexcellence and help convince them to change their minds.


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I know team2600 will be pleased to host it for you if you like. They can also post it in the versiontracker.

Check out their page at: www.team2600.com
(all software on this page is freeware, so you want get paid...)

If you are intrested you can e-mail a friend of mine, Sixtime sixtime_team2600@mac.com , he can help you.

The whole world of users who find out about this profile with thank you for hosting it!!
Team 2600.com will now be hosting my OS X profile!!

"My Mac OS X now runing very slow"

This may or may not be related but in my old primary user account in X, application load times took an average of 25 to 30 seconds. Scrolling was unbearable.

I created a new account and the speed doubled in the new account! Something got royally out-of-whack in the original account. It took time to reset all my prefs and file permissions but the speed increase was worth it.

See if you notice a speed difference. Others have noticed this as well. Nobody seems to know what the problem actually is.

I finally figured out a way to run Speed Disk on my single-partition machine, and it gave me an Error -123 when I tried to look at the hard drive. I have version 3.5. What's the latest version of Speed Disk?

Thats whats listed on Norton SystemWorks and I think I read somewhere that version 6 is the only one so far that will work with OS X (through 9 of course).

G4/400 with 448 MB RAM
2GB partition OS X
500 MB partition OS 9
7 GB spare
17" StudioDisplay
SCSI card (nothing on chain)
8x4x32x QPS FW
I've had good results using Disk Warrior/Plus Optimizer v2.1. This particular version is aware of Apple's Virtual File System (volume wrapper)and won't balk at the files that contain periods in there names. The one odd thing that it will do when rebuilding your disks directory is reveal the Mach, Mach.Sym, and Mack_kernel files in the Finder of OS 9. I guess you can always make them invisible again if it bothered you. It works and you definitely see a perceptive difference after optimizing.

I've not tried version 6 from Norton but have tried version 5 of DiskDoctor/Speed Disk. Doctor trashed my directories while attempting repairs and I could never get SpeedDisk to complete an optimization profile without fatal errors. This might be moot in v6.
Seeing as the increase is so noticeable (I recently used Norton 6 to defrag my G3 and 8600), I don't understand why apple hasn't bundled a defrag util with ANY of their OS releases. But that might very well put Norton Utils on the chopping block, cuz that's the ONLY reason I paid for it, for the defrag util.

Yeah, the increase is phenomenal, especially launching/using Classic and all the little frivilous animations of the OS. Lovely stuff. I'll put it to you this way - running 10.0.3 on my 8600 became about the same experience as using 10.0.0 out of the box on my G3 - with the sad fact that QuickTime movies are a lil' choppy. Oh well, I'm sure Puma will fix all this... i'm dreaming of July 17th and that lovely little Software Update window pulsing happily at me.

I found a few flaws in my profile that were skipping major files like the finder.app and others. All Fixed, works MUCH better now..
I found a few flaws in my profile that were skipping major files like the finder.app and others. All Fixed, works MUCH better now..


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