Harddrive clicking noise OX X only.


I've developed a problem in OS X recently where the hard drive makes a clicking sound and it happens at 1 second intervals. It started just recently after running the Seti client for Darwin (3.03 I think), it kink of souds like the Seti client is still running. Some usefull info:

* This clicking noise doesn't happen in OS 9.1.
* If you log out and log back in the clicking noise presists at the login screen.
* It doesn't start untel very late in in the boot process, after the GUI and some programs have loaded.
* I have tried to track down the offending program by using Programs such as Top, Process Viewer, CPU monitor to no avail.

Any help would be greatly appreaciated.

is it a click like something keeps sticky behind something and then suddenly releases or just a "click" of a hd that's reading/writing/searching the disk
I have the same problem with my external firewire drive when I convert quicktimes to VCD mpegs...it takes a time and about every five minutes, there is a clicking sound as if a harddrive suddenly powers done and retracts the write/read heads into the parked position

haven't cared about it yet since the drive still works...

It's very strange this only happens in OS X, because all i know about clicking noises (and i thougt that was enough) is that your hd is on it's way to die on you.... :(

You said it doesn't happen in OS 9, and only happens in OS X after starting some apps. But what if you are starting different apps in OS 9 ? Is everything installed on the same partition or on different or even on two different hd's ?

Try scanning the disk with norton and diskwarrior. I still expect it's something with your hd (mechanical), eventhough it only happens in OS X
Sorry, no solution, jus a confirmation. It only started after my update to 10.0.4 though, but I'm not sure is that's the problem. I heard it the first time after installing Transmit... it's annoying, I dont want to use OS X anymore because I am afraid the HD will give up service. :mad:
You might be interested to know that I tried to reinstall OS 9.1 and X, and I discovered that I still have the same problem, it sounds like the harddrive is being accessed every second, how ever it also sounds like the drive is only getting written to or read from occasionaly.
But as of this moment I'm kind of disapointed with this latest install i've just done, classic won't shut down properly with out a lock up, the best install was the first, I had OS 9 on one partition and OS X on another.
And I totaly agree with Trilogy Post, I just don't trust OS X enough to use it long term because i'm also afraid my drive will give out.
Allrighty, I know what the problem is (at least on my TiBook): USB.

The 10.0.4. update included new lines for USB. Well, they dont seem to be perfect. When I unplug my USB Devices, the clicking stops instantly. To be precise, it would seem that my SuperDrive from imation is causing the problems. Anyhow, I suspect that many devices can trigger it.

Try unplugging USB and pray. If the clicking stops, plug in the devices one by one and wait about 10 seconds after each one.

Hope it helps,

A very huge thanks to you Trilogy for finding this problem. I removed my teac Floppy Disk drive from my hub and the clicking noise stoped imediately.
The Teac will cause a clicking noise no matter if its plugged into My USB Hub or the computer.

Just in case anyone is interested; the Teac is Model #: FD-05PU and the USB
Hub, an Asante Model #: FriendlyNET Hub-4.

Thanks for everyone help