Hardware based DVD playback


I'm running a Lombard powerbook which from the sounds of it will unfortunately be losing it's ability to play back DVD video. Rumor has it that the DVD player in 10.1 only supports software decoding (which in turn requirs an ATI 128 or later video card). Since the Lombard has a Rage Pro, it relys on hardware decoding.

Here's my question.....anyone think Apple will at least open up the player software to allow someone to make a "plug-in" that routes all the decoding tasks to built in hardware? Doesn't sound like a very difficult task (for someone with the right knowledge, obviously not me). Shouldn't have any problems with the MPAA regarding security and copywrite since all the decoding is done in hardware, not software.

Does this make any sense at all?? I'm just kind of desperate here. I REALLY want my DVD playback without having to boot in to 9.

Hey, while I'm at it.....Apple, PLEASE get some decent drivers in 10.1 for my measley Rage Pro graphics chip.