Hardware Question

Hmm, I, not sure, but I'd guess the 9600.
Get a benchmark utilitity, most mac models are usually listed there :)
As usual, it _depends_!
The 9600 uses an old processor, the 604e which is in some cases slower than a G3 (on lower frequency) because of the shitty cache-structure it uses. But it has a good FPU!
And ksv, dont trust benchmarks, they always lie :D
Yes, of course it depends on what you're going to use the machine for (number crunching, photoshop, server apps etc.

Benchmark apps don't always lie, and they show results for different thing, like CPU, HD, FPU etc... ;)
I asked your Question to a friend of mine who has a mac warehouse ( he sells and buys macs)
He said: "well luis I use a 9600/350 for a server ..... as soon as a 23 gig SCSI drive arrives (sometime next week) I will be replacing it with a 266 MHz G3 tower so if that helps you out?...at this time I have 4 hard drives in my 9600/350 all SCSI the G3 266 tower will have two drives one 23 Gig SCSI and one 40 gig IDE...both are about the same speed .... the 9600 has an extra fan for cooling keep that in mind .... the 604ev 350 processor runs very hot the G3 705 processor runs much cooler....the thing about the G3 tower is it has built in IDE and SCSI support the 9600/350 only has two SCSI buses"

I hope that is of some help to you :)