Has anyone's school or job made the jump to OS X?


Hey, Look!
My high school uses mostly iMacs (It's quite a sight to behold, row after row of bondi blue iMacs :D, and then in the corner two random Indigo iMacs... ;), oh and there's maybe 5 PeeCs :rolleyes: ) running 9.0, and is soon planning on making the leap to having them all be controlled by Mac OS X Server.

I was just wondering if anyone's school or job had made the jump yet, or are they all staying with older Mac OS's or even worse staying with Windoze or even worse than that, going "XPerienced" on you?
My x-high school uses NT and 98 and 95.. they suck! hehe, and a windows nt server... they almost constantly have troubles.

My Dad directs a very large research department, and they allways buy the new guys either a mac or a pc, and so far, every pc has been replaced because my dad doesn't like paying for them to be fixed every week... the ultimate NT service pack, Mac OS!

Its almost 100% mac there. But they haven't made the jump (its not a plunge, is it?).

I think that will change as soon as they get photoshop and office, along with the speed of 10.1 (which my dad is impressed by, and that says a lot!)

By next year, every person with a g3+ will be using X as their primary OS, sometimes without the classic. Its only a matter of time.

Mean while, in the drafting lab at my school, they will still be using winblows 95 due to 'compatability' issues.....

I really like X, and I know that as soon as a few more core applications arrive, it will take over!