Have Dock read orientation preferences


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There's a hack around to enable orientation and pinning items in the Dock's contextual menu, but they don't stick between sessions. This was just posted to the OSX-dev list:

In a copy of the Dock file that is in the Content folder of Dock.app,
change this :
at offset 0x41b0: 0x418200e4 in 0x60000000
at offset 0x42d8: 0x418200b8 in 0x60000000

Thanks to Guillaume O.

After restarting the Dock with the modified file, simply type :
defaults write com.apple.dock orientation="right" (or left, bottom,

and restart the dock again...

I haven't tried it, but we'll see....
What program do you have to open it with? I used the Find command in TextEdit, but it didn't find either of those (I copied and pasted).
I don't understand what it is that I'm supposed to change. I found the stuff at the right offset, but don't know what to do to it. How does the 0x60000000 play into things?

works for me!!! just use an editor(such as HexEdit carbon) to change the code as described above. Replace the second number with the 0x600000.

good luck.

Let me get this strait: open up Dock in the MacOS folder in Dock.app with HexEdit (what is that?:confused: ) and find the little code that says "0x418200e4" and replace it with "0x60000000" and find "0x418200b8" and replace it with "0x60000000". Does HexEdit come with the developer tools, is it a special ADC thing or is it a third party thing that I can get it off versiontracker?:confused:
the file ("Dock") you need to change is at


-r-xr-xr-x 1 root wheel 175328 Jun 27 23:51 Dock

HexEdit is at http://hexedit.sourceforge.net/

you need to be root to perform this:

offset 0x41b0 : change 0x418200e4 to 0x60000000
offset 0x42d8 : change 0x418200b8 to 0x60000000

defaults write com.apple.dock orientation="right"

logout and relogin.

hope that helps. good luck.

offset 0x41b0 : change 0x418200e4 to 0x60000000
offset 0x42d8 : change 0x418200b8 to 0x60000000

I did this days ago, figuring that's what as meant in the original post, but it just renders my dock useless. The dock just won't launch anymore.

defaults write com.apple.dock orientation="right"

This just results in:
"Jun 30 11:20:46 defaults[330]
Rep argument is not a dictionary
Defaults have not been changed."

What am I doing wrong??

Finally someone has been able to solve it. DockLock works perfectly (it's even freeware!) and my dock is now fixed in the position "I" wont. You'll find DockLock also at http://www.versiontracker.com/

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...1.01, which seems to sort out all the old problems caused by OSX thinking the Dock was still at the bottom (dock-aware apps not using whole screen etc). No more random resizing!!