Have proof that 5G64 is GM


Just got back from SeyboldSF. Were Apple was handing out the update to 10 to 10.1. I installed it on my TiG4 and this is what I got.

From Terminal
Welcome to Darwin!
[localhost:~] don% sw_vers
ProductName: Mac OS X
ProductVersion: 10.1
BuildVersion: 5G64
[localhost:~] don%

Cool pic. Is the packaging like the PB's? Or does it come in a box of some sort?

Hopeing for the PB packaging, I have too many boxes around here already. ;)
So did Apple 'Give' this copy to you....for FREE?

I don't care if you were at seybold, if they gave you an upgrade for free, then they should give it away at the Apple stores too!
It did come just like the PB.

And it was free!!!!

I got three copys... one for me, one for a friend, and not sure what to do with the last one....
Sure rub it in for us all, but the jokes on you , i got my for free to and i did not have to sit with some dude from starbucks who smells like arousal spray cheese and Drakar:p
Heh, guys, they ARE handing these packages out at Apple Stores, as well as select Apple Authorized Resellers. So on Saturday just go and pick yours up from the store!