HD Format when Installing OS X


A World Without Windows
When you install OS X it offers you the chance to initialise your HD - either in HFS+ or UNIX file system. Initially, I did neither as that would have meant reinstalling all my 9.1 apps etc. - OS X runs ok, but could sometimes be a real dog. So someone tells me to format as UNIX and it will be "Much faster" which I have now done and it is not.

Naturally there is absolutely NO direction on this in either the OS X manual or the Apple/OS X web page or at least, not that I could find. (Nice one Apple)

Is there an ideal format and partitioning for the HD in order to use OS X as the primary boot and occasionally boot from 9.1 (until I have more native apps) i.e. should I have a UNIX partition for OS X, an HFS+ partition for 9.1 & do I need a swap partition, what is it and how big should it be?

I currently have all my 9.1 stuff on a 30Gb FireWire drive - can I use that as my HFS+ drive? (OS X Startup Disk does not see it)


PowerBook G3/500 "Bronze"
640Mb RAM / 18Gb HD
plus a 30Gb FireWire pocketdrive