HD partition as home folder


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a couple of ways of doing that:

A - fairly hacky, but keeps your home in /Users, and on another partition. add a startupitem that unmounts the partition from its default spot, and remounts it at /Users/catscout.
First, to get the device name, run df.
In my case, there is a line like this:

/dev/disk1s5 10020816 7491980 2528836 75% /Volumes/Faustus

So I could make a startupitem with a script that looked like:

umount /Volumes/Faustus
mount -w -t hfs /dev/disk1s5 /Users/catscout

B - not so hacky, but your home dir doesn't hang out in /Users all pretty-like. Just change the home setting for your account in netinfo

sudo niutil -destroyprop . /users/catscout home
sudo niutil -createprop . /users/catscout home /Volumes/whatever


Another kinda hackish way of going about it is to actualy move your home folder youself and then run a sym link from where your folder is now residing to where it should be in /users

I had heard of people doing this but I don't know how well it worked.


I have done it.
1# create a file in /etc named fstab
2#place this line for each volume youo wish to mount.
LABEL=[partition name] /[mount point] filesystem rw 1 2
LABEL=User /Users hfs rw 1 2


The problem with the LABEL thing is that the disks still show up in finder and under /Volumes. It is very irritating... I want my other partitions to be invisible...

This is my setup:

Three partitions of the same disk
- 5Gb partition for / (the base system)
- 10Gb partition for /Users/theo (my home folder)
- 15Gb partition for /Users/Shared (files)

Why? Well, having the system on a separate partition makes it possible to wipe that partition in the event of total system disaster (it has happened too many times).

Anyway. I have mounted my second partition as /Users/theo and my third as /Users/Shared. It all works fine, but the partitions still show up in Finde and under /Volumes. I think it's ugly.

Is there any way of making sure that they don't show up?



apparantly renaming the partition you want to hide with a . at the begining of the name will do it.


Renaming the partitions so that they start with a dot [.] vill hide them in finder, untill they are activated. If you move to your home filder that partition will show up in finder, but as a greyed disc. Also your mount point will show up as symbolic links not as the folders they are.


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Uh. I used to have a partition on a 2nd drive, and it was called ".Swap"
It NEVER showed up in the finder. You know why? Cus files starting with "." are hidden. And so, the finder doesn't show them. And as for moving your home directory. I simply changed the location of my home directory in the NetInfo database, and then copied my /Users/accountname stuff to the partition, and logged out and back in. SIMPLE.


You can also use

"/Developer/Tools/SetFileInfo -a V /Volumes/partitionname"

or if it was "-a v" can't remember. Requires the DevTools



I've had similar issues with my imac, you can only have the os with in the first 8 gigs so i have a 7.9 GB partition for the os and a 23 GB partition that i use (trying to use) for my downloads and mp3's and stuff, but when i save something to that partition or choose it as a download folder in direct connect or limewire it's not there it's under HD/volumes, kinda annoying.?