HD recovery with DiskWarrior question


My iBook G4 drive failed-won't boot or mount when attached to another Mac in target mode. So, I'm running DiskWarrior on the host Mac in an attempt to recover the contents (or at least a portion) of the iBook drive. DiskWarrior sees the drive and returns the correct information about it and tells me the directory is ready to be rebuilt. So far, so good. DiskWarrior is now "Inspecting disk..." and has been doing so for about 26 hours. DiskWarrior does not appear to be hung, and I can hear the laptop drive (30GB btw) chattering away. Here's my question. What's a reasonable period of time to wait before I give up (and hurl the iBook out the window) and just accept that it's a total loss?


I'm trying to repair my hard disk with DiskWarrior right now. It's taken about half an hour to complete the process each time I've tried, so it sounds like yours has "hung" somehow.