Hd Won't Show Up On Tiger Desktop

Blak Kat


I've had Tiger for a while with no problems. My disk is partitioned between OS x and OS 9.1 and I occasionally switch from one to the other also without problems. However, last time I came back to OS x from OS 9.1, my desktop went blank (desktop picture only without showing disks on it). I can still access the desktop through a window but not directly which is kind of an inconvenience...

I obviously verified my finder preferences and "show hard drives on desktop" was still checked. This seems to be a problem with the finder since I cannot open a finder window on the desktop without using the menu or shortcut (command N). Basically, the finder seems screwy and will not respond to any clicking on it...

I have tried a number of disk repair tools by running the mac repair software (booting from the CD) but to no avail. My desktop is still blank and unresponsive even though the tech tools tell me the hard drive has been "successfully repaired".

Have you seen this problem before and, if so, what is your suggestion? (I am of intermediate level with mac troubleshooting).

Thank you VERY much for considering my request...