Hdd Not Recognized


Just acquired a clean G3 B&W with 64MB and no HDD. Added more memory and HDD, then started. The HDD was a wiped drive from a PC so I started from the OS X CD. The disk was read and I received instructions and I got to the point of installing in a HDD, it showed no disks to install the OS. I then opened disk utility. It showed only the CD-ROM drive.
Are the HD jumpers set to Master?
IDE and Power cable plugged in securley?
Do you have the CDs that camewith that Mac? You might have to install a firmware update to install OS X. Of course, this would mean that you would have to install Classic (which is on the CDs that came with that G3) and install the firmware update. Then you could try and install Mac OS X and wipe out the Classic Mac OS during that install.

The firmware update can be found on Apple's website. Head to Support and then Downloads and do a search for "firmware power mac g3".
Ooops, looks like I misread the Jumper position. Unfortunately the positions were offset slightly from the pins and I repeated my error. Repositioned the jumper to Master. Immediately recognized the HDD and started loading the OS. Thanks for the help.