Hearts for OS X


Does anyone know of a simple, straightforward hearts game for OS X? My grandparents just bought a Mac Mini, and they enjoyed playing the hearts game on their old windows computer. I have already tried a few(Mikes cards, and Hardwood Hearts), but they are very complex and flashy and are simply trials. Any help would be appreciated!
A guy who works at an Apple store near my place told me that one of the most frequently asked questions by Windows users about Macs is "does it have solitaire?".

dude, wtf. they need to be whacked over the head with an iPod.

Anyway, I had a long look and the only one I could find for OS X is Anubis Hearts. It's a little dodgy-looking, but it does the job. As far as I can tell it is fully functional, but will ask you to donate every time you open the app.

Some other games sites to browse:

Mac Games & More: has stacks of freeware Mac games.
Apple.com Games: Shareware/Demo/Freeware games (mostly shareware & demos)
Download Free Mac Games: see title ;)
I haven't checked on my iMac, but I remember that with older Mac OS versions Eric's Sample Solitaire was included free. I believe there is a Mac OS X version of this app, but like I said I haven't checked on my iMac to see if it's included (if it even exists).

Versiontracker is the way to go, as is MacUpdate. I've found some cool Mahjong games like Burning Monkey Mahjong which I believe blow Solitaire's pants off. :D