Hello Everybody! I need some info on OS X!


Ok, here is my situation. I have a G4 400 with 320 ram, running MacOS 9.1; A 333 iMac w/ about 300 ram. I would like to know how i should back up and prepare myself for OS X. I will probly be using it first on my G4 since i ordered it today and i don't see my iMac until the weekends(devorced parents). SO i would liket o know what i should do to prepare my G4.

-Luke Perrier
well, is the drive patitioned or not?

This will make a difference. The best way is to split the 20gig into two 10 gig partitions and put 9.1 on one and X on the other.

If this is not an option, you can install x on the same partition as 9.1 and I dont THINK it will disturb any of your data. Now that is an assumtion. Anytime you are adding a huge new block of info to the drive, you risk fing it up.

As far as prep, nothing else should be required

Install and enjoy!