Hello. My name is DAMON and I am a Computer Tech at OC Auto Trader. Bottom line .. I want to start using OS X on our network here .. but I have a lot of issues resolved first.. and APPLE doesnt seem to support us on this one. So I am glad I found this place. I really dont know where to begin.. MY WORK has a very elaborate setup of computers running many diffrent OS's . I have the beta verson of OS X and ran it on my own system here at work.. and I have a few issues

1. I can't fint OUR computer network.. I can PRINT but no servers.

2. Once I boot OS 9 - I can't go back and boot OS X !??
Once you're in OS 9, if you look at the root of your hard disk, you should find what looks like a control panel out in the middle of nowhere called "System Startup Disk" or something similar. Double-click on that, and a status bar comes up and the system looks on your hard disk for a while. Eventually, you should get two choices: one is the name of your OS 9 startup disk, and the other is something like "OS X Core Services." Select that, and then restart. You can't start X by using the OS 9 Startup Disk control panel, and I've found hitting the [Option] key during restart is unreliable.