HELP!!!! AHHHH! Serious iMovie Problem.


I stayed up all night tonight to work on a video I am doing for a wedding that I plaaned to present to my client later today. I was working on putting transitions between the final clips and iMovie unexpectedly quit as iMovie 3 often does. I rebooted the program realized I lost 1 or two transitions from my last save, re-did them, and saved again. I then continued with the project and about 30 seconds later when trying to add another transition iMovie unexpectedly quits again. This time when I start it up again it says that it has found 211 stray clips and asks if I want to trash them, also it says something about finding 117 stray clips and asks if I want to trash them or move them to the clips pane. I have about the first 30 seconds of my 7 minute long movie and the iMovie project file was reduced from a 244 KB file to now a 16 KB file. I tried contacting Apple tech support but they couldn't fix a problem if it was as easy as tieing their right shoe, so I turn to you guys. Please please please please please help me with this problem. I need to recover the data somehow or something, if not that is 25 hours of work down the tubes. PLEASE!
P.S. All of the data is still in the "Media" folder, it is just the iMovie project file that is screwed up.
P.P.S. Armeddedickle, the Apple support dude, said that the file was corrupted and there was "nothing i could do." I asked him about data recovery software and I think he flatlined.
P.P.P.S. PLEASE help me asap, I will give you a big hug :)
I realise that my reply is about a year too late for you BUT for anyone else coming across this type of problem... you can actually re-import your files from the media folder (file>>import)