Help - Airport wont accept my password after resetting security set up!


Hi guys i have just stepped up the security on my airport to the 128 bit WEP. But after uploaded the info to the airport it lost internet connectivity so tried to go into airport configuration to change it back to its original setting but it wont accept my password! I did not change my password, i must add.

Is there any way I can reset the airport and start again? i have tried pressing the reset button on the airport for a sec but it still does not let me change the settings as it says my password is wrong!

I have not probs with the internet connection itself as i am using it now by passing airport with Ethernet connection directly into my ibook.

please help!!



The Late: SuperMacMod
You can use the reset button on the bottom of the AirPort Base Station to reset the base station password.

Follow these steps:

Insert the end of a straightened paper clip into the small hole on the bottom of the base station.

Press and hold the reset button for one second.

The base station and network passwords are set to public for five minutes.

If necessary, use the AirPort application to select the network created by the base station.

If you are prompted for a password, enter public.

Open the AirPort Admin Utility (in the AirPort folder in the Apple Extras folder).

Select your base station and click Configure.

You will be prompted to enter new network and base station passwords and in certain cases enter a new IP address.

Note: If you do not reconfigure the base station within five minutes, you must reset it again.


The extreme version has no hole on the bottom. To reset just the password hold the reset button for one second and follow bobw's directions. To reset the extreme base station to factory defaults hold the reset button for five seconds. WARNING this resets all settings.


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