Help! BIND 9.x !!


Where do I get a precompiled BIND 9.x for MacOX X Server Release 1.2.

Note: MacOS X Server 1.2 does not include a compiler, nor does it include any libraries that are needed to compile BIND.

The BIND version in the MacOS X Server distribution contains a critical security bug!

Please help!
ummm, perhaps you have to install WebObjects to get the compiler, I don't remember exactly, the install session Igo through is a blur anymore. Anyway, cc (instead of gcc) should be there. The big snag is the lack of pthreads, however it's a configure option to avoid those.

Anyway, if you still can't get it to compile, e-mail me, and I'll ship you a .gz

by the way, aren't you in the completely wrong forum for this? Apple has a helluva support group for X server.
how to compile BIND 9.1.x on Mac OS X (or X Server)

from a terminal, su to root, make sure there are no spaces in the path
to bind, then cd into the
directory and type
./configure bsd --disable-threads
- wait for a couple of minutes until it is done,
- wait like 15 minutes until it is done,
make install
- this should put the executable, named, in /usr/local/sbin
it'll by default look for a configuration file of /etc/named.conf

Setting up bind is, generally speaking, a bastard. Bind 9 is also more of
a whore than Bind 8 was about syntax. My friend doing tech at concurs. "Yep."

I'll try to put something more comprehensive up at - but
it's a pet project and my free time is really limited till about mid may.

as for the --disable-threads thing. They worked in public beta, now they
don't seem to. HellifIknow.