Help burning 10.1 image on PC!


I downloaded 10.1 from carracho and today tried burning it with Nero on a PC. I chose HFS as the image but it produced a disk unreadable :( I just downloaded toast to see if the image was legit and it is. Can someone please help me. Thanks

Edit: It is a toast image
Please do a search and read one of the many MANY messages that have been written on this subject in the last month.



The image is a toast image. When i sent it to the PC using Hotline I did not have toast installed. Someone please help me here. The disc was totally unreadable

Edit: I have searched to no avail
I'll just assume it was a bad burn and try it again later. I am not going to buy a copy when i will be getting a new Mac soon with 10.1 preinstalled. Some people aren't made out of money
The reason it won't burn on your PC is because whenever files that don't have file extensions are transferred over, Windoze garbles them up. Do what I did and go buy a copy. It's worth the $20 to save a headache.

By the way, I don't think downloading from Carracho is a very legal thing to do...
Is there an extension for a Toast file? I would think not since it is a Mac program which doesn't need exensions.
No, not really, since it would have to be backward compatible with Toast for 9. Like I said earlier, just go out to a place like CompUSA and pick up a copy of the upgrade kit! Mine was free at my local Mac store! ^_^