HELP! Can't set up e-mail.....or internet in OSX on CABLE!


MY CABLE AIN"T WORKING!!! I need to get my e-mail and internet from my comp!

Geeze....well with the new system e-mail requires your domain name(ex. well I USE ROAD RUNNER and the stuff for that is or the e-mail is ( so I have tried that and WORK!

HELP! Here is my info

Running IE
Using Macs MAIL program
Name: Kiyoakisama
Password: **********
USually I put: they ask for the POP server in OE)
and I put: they want to know about SMTP)

I am using a ROUTER and that is why I need the extra after smtp-server....usually I would just put smtp-server....yet I have to add the stuff to make it now.

HELP! How do I work it? its harder then OE and IE and I can't see the web or use my e-mail stuff...HELP!

I am also using a hardware firewall(basicly a router) this is illegal yet I need it as a firewall...can you help me? It says it cannot determine the IP address for!
Read Apples TIL

DHCP Client ID is not a feature of Mac OS X Public Beta.

My cable connection evidently requires this for e-mail.
Your's probably does too.
I'd be pissed off at @home if they used DHCP servers. I already complain to them all the time at how often I lose service. If I had to go through DHCP, I'd complain more. And if @home ever decides to go to DHCP, I'll complain.

But this may be a work around. If you connect through DHCP, set it up manually. Boot to 9, go to the TCP/IP control panel, and copy all information(IP, router, DNS servers, etc.), then put all that info into X.

Secondly, when it says domain name, that would be like A domain name is a registered name that when someone types it in a web browser, it goes directly to your ip address. So if you don't have one, then don't put one in there.