HELP! cant start Classic

Bad Memory

Ok guys, I have been trying to avoid OSX ever since I tryied the Public beta, but since I have to learn it someday, I thought I might as well do it now.
Well, whenever I try to startup Classic, this dialog comes up:
"There are no localized Classic specific ressurces to update the system folder on (diskname) PLease select another startup disk.

What does that mean, what did i do wrong ?

Beesides, what kind of a system is this which "allows" me to make mistakes like that ????

Did you follow the directions for installing OSX? It sounds like the installer hasn't had a chance to update your OS9 installation.
I've got a similar problem: my OS 9.1 got trashed the other day and I had to re-install it. No probs, clean install and all that, works fine. First indication that something was wrong was a message appeared when I changed to OsX startup system to the tune of: "changing your startup system might result in unpredictable behavior" After reboot OsX came up no sweat, works a treat. (10.0.4) But then, surprise! Classic wouldn't boot up: your system is older than 9.1 etc.pp. please install 9.1..
Strangely enough, when I go into the startup preferences, OS 9.1 shows up and I can boot into it no probs. Probably just some stupid link broken, but where??

Any ideas much appreciated!

Originally posted by Bad Memory
i might not have.. I set OS 9 up after installing OS X.
Now what do I do ?

Id rather not install OS X again. :confused:


That's exactly the problem: It's essential to install Mac Os 9.1 first then install OsX. During the install, OsX patches some resources in Os 9.1 so it can run it as "Classic" in it's own shell. If for some reason you need to re-install Os9 (as it happened to me) these patches are obviously lost and a re-install of OsX is required ! But not to worry, the installer is smart enough to recognize the existing OsX partition etc. it leaves everything much as it is. Of course you'll need to update the system software to the latest version via software update, but the whole procedure took less than ten minutes and it's all hunky dory now.