Help connecting 10.4 clients to a 10.6 server


A little pointing in the right direction perhaps?

Our school runs a Mac OSX network using a new 10.6.7 server and a mix of 10.6 and 10.4 clients. All the newer systems, running 10.6.7, connect, authenticate and run their applications without any problems. The older systems, PowerPC, running 10.4.11 sometimes connect and sometimes do not.

The server presents a list of users on the Mac and the students (Kinde to yr 6) select their names and enter their password. The problem manifests itself in allowing a user to enter their username and password and then remains fixed on the login screen. The user can continue to enter information into the password field, the back and login buttons greyed out. Some systems do work but most remain in this condition

The only solution is to turn off the Mac and reboot. The same user can go to a Mac running 10.6 and everything works fine.

Under controlled conditions we have successfully logged users into all the 10.4 Macs and run all of their applications. Each system is an identical emac, with at least 1GB and the same disk image.

I have been assured that the network is functioning correctly.

The systems has worked well in the past using a 10.4 server, which is now dead, so I suspect the problem is a server setting or something equally simple. Our Mac OSX knowledge is sufficient to run and fix some issues but we do not have higher technical support to draw upon (Windows centric unfortunately).

I would be grateful for any help or suggestions that could help me fix this issue.