Help Downloading AOL Sessions


I was trying to watch an AOL Sessions, but the streaming is sometimes slow. Is there any way of saving the file to your desktop? When I try to save the AOL session, it's only a 4k file, which opens up the streaming file, which again takes a while to work.

Any way around this?

Yes! I have done this and it does work. Read the article here for the full instructions:

This site has some instructions, though they aren't the same one's I followed, as they use the command-line applicatoin "curl" to retrieve te videos:

Here we have the instructions I followed:
(Second article on the page)

The automator methid definitely works. A couple of tips, though:
- Only do one video at a time.
- It can be very, very slow to retrieve videos. I found it typically took about 10-20 mins to retrieve a 2 minute clip.
- There is not really any visual feedback on screen to let you know how it is going, aside from a little spinning circle in the corner of the auomator window. It might be a good idea to put an action after the "Download URLs" option that makes a sound or displays an alert. Don't bother to sit there watching it.

Oh, yeah, and this was an interesting comment:
Anonymous said... Just a alternative is once you view the source and find the URL just highlight it and drag it to the download window. That is pretty much it. Safari will automatically begin downloading the file.

I'll have to try that out and see if it works. Apparently dragging URLs into the Safari download window might do the trick too. :)

Thank you for the link. It worked with Automator. Haven't tried dragging the URL to the download window. I'll give that a try too.

Thx again