Help finding 802.1x client for OS x 10.1.5


Hi, I currently have OS X 10.1.5 running on my mac and I need an 802.1x client in order to connect to the internet at my university. I'm not entirely sure what to search for in google since the more logical choices (like 802.1x client OS X) yield somewhat random results. I would appreciate it if anyone that knows of such a client could point me in the right direction.



How about supplying ...
01. The model Mac you have, and whether it includes an Airport card or not.
02. The name of the university you are attending.
03. Whether or not you have the ability to plug, via an ethernet cable, into the university's network.

You would be the 'client'. Once an Airport card is installed, or you connect via an ethernet cable, you should be able to configure the Mac to connect to the university's network and thus the internet - via the 'System Preferenences' 'Network' utility.


I'm at a lab now, so I'll have to get back to you about the specifics of my mac. I can tell you that I'm at U of Michigan, and I am able to plug into the ethernet via a network cable.

Edit: It's a recent (2 years old) iBook with an airport card (afaik).


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If it's a two year old iBook with an AirPort card, then you have a system _higher_ than 10.1.5 (at least 10.2.x, I believe) and shouldn't need client software at all, because it's in Mac OS X, anyway...