HELP (fink, X windows, GNOME, and a window manager)


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I recently installed Xfree86, and fink, I wanted to download gnome so X Windows would work better and I could customize it. so on the terminal I typed: "fink install bundle-gnome" it asked me if was sure and I said yes, than it started to dowanload, and said something about something being unstable. than it said "connection timed out" and gave me a few reasons. can anyone help me install gnome with or without fink?

Also I want to know how to get a window manager working such as afterstep or window maker, any help wil be appreciated muchly;)

Here are a few answers (I hope):

1. I think gnome is now yet compatible with Darwin. Check those sites for more info: and

2. I managed to install several window managers including:
- Enlightenment
- Oroborus
- WindowMaker
- BlackBox

I decided to use Enlightenment because it is the only one that provides something that looks like a desktop (window maker does that too).

All were installed using Fink "install" command.

Once you have installed a window manager, you must change your .xinitrc file to make sure that X will use it. My message in this tread ( explains how to do this.

Good luck

I was able to install the the bundle-gnome package without any problem. I am not quite sure what the unstable is about, unless you copied any files over from the unstable folder to the stable folder in your fink directory.

What is probably happening (and anyone can feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) is that your download is timing out, meaning you'll either need to: tell fink another place to get the files from by re-running and telling it to download from somewhere else; wait and try again later; or download the source manually into your src folder (say, from ). The less complicated way would be to wait, and if it were me, I'd get the source.

A final option would be to try having fink install gnome-libs, gnome-core, control-center, gnome-applets, gnome-utils, gnome-users-guide, enlightenment, mc, and sawfish separately. You could then find out which one is the offender.

Hope this helps.

-Bruce Adcock

this is a question for Colddiver, do you have that thread that showed how to change a window manager? The link you posted was broken.

thanks your help is appreicaited