help! google not loading! Reverting to sogo search?


I just lost my cable internet connection (, and when the connection came back I no longer could connect to google. When I type in in the address bar it goes to (though is still in the address bar). the search bar in both friefox and safari go to a "not found" error. I have wireless internet in my house with two pcs and both pcs can access google no problem. Alsot, I am able to access all other google services, just not the web search, or any of their informational pages located off their main domain. I checked the netinfo manager for a possible virtual machine being implemented by accident, but I see no sign of that. Can anyone think of what is possibly gone wrong?

Atattching some screenshots. Thanks


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Now, if I remember right, this happens when google (ghasp) goes down. It happened for a few hours a month or so ago, and sogo came up then aswell. If the probelm has since resolved itself, and you are able to resolve in your browser, then I would fault google's servers and not your machine. If the problem has not resolved itself, I would check google with a diffrent browser on the same machine, and then procede to reinstalling your browser if necessary. Hope this helps (and is correct :)
I may have posted a little too hastily. The world is now spinning normally again. Google is back up for me. The only thing that I really don't understand yet is how did both my pcs access google if it was down (or hacked). I tried msie and firefox (cleared the cache for both) and google worked fine on both pcs. I just don't get it.