Help! HD is missing!!!


I am using a B/W G3 400, and I have 3 HD(two 9GB U2W and one 27GB ATA).

HD 1(u2w SCSI) installed MacOS 9.
HD 2(u2w SCSI) just store data.
HD 3(ATA) installed MacOS X PB.

boot in MacOS X PB, I can't see my HD 2.
boot in MacOS 9, I can't see my HD 1 in any applciations(example: in simple text editor, I change the directory to desktop only see HD 2 and HD 3)

What's happen???
Any solution???
After installing OS X I realized that it could not see the HD on my Sonnet ATA card. No problem, I thought. After removing OS X my Apple ATA drive (Beige G3-300 DT) the drive disappeared altogether. I had to use drive setup to reinitialize the drive and then it appeared. But this only worked when I booted from the OS 9 disk. I am not going near OS X again.
HD 1 is orignal come with B/W G3, HD 2 is an IBM U2W 9GB HD and HD 3 is a IBM ATA HD.

There is no problem in MacOS 9 before install MacOS X PB. After installed MacOS X PB, I can see all HD but few day later HD 2 is missing.So I boot back to MacOS 9, HD 2 seem no problem but HD 1 is missing.The strange thing is I can boot into MacOS 9.
I rebuild the desktop on MacOS 9----no used.
I boot from a MacOS 9 CD------HD 1 OK.