Help - how do I format my second ATA drive?


I had only one 10 GB disk until today.
Today I got my 75GXP 45 GB disk. I jumpered it to slave mode and put it on top of my 10 GB disk in my G4 tower. I start up the computer and open Disk Utility.

After clicking on Drive Setup and selecting the GXP disk, I set up the partitions and click Partition. I get a message saying all data on it will be lost. I click OK.

It says "Prepearing drive...unmounting old partitions".
Then the window disappears after a few seconds and nothing more happens. No disk show up on my desktop (I have my primary disk visible on the desktop) or in the file navigator window in Desktop.
I restart, but the disk still doesn't show up. I've tested this several times with different partition settings and all, but never I get my disk in usable state...

If I have to format the disk before partitionating, how do I then do? I can't find a format/initialize button in Disk Utility :(