HELP!!! I need to reinstall Mac OS X on a new hard drive without cds


I have a Powerbook G4 model A1046 and the hard drive is completely dying. I've even tried to reinstall the OS using command S on start up but in the command area it keeps giving me IODATAController device blocking bus..... which obviously means the hard drive is dead. Is there a way I can just throw in a new hard drive and install the OS with out the cd restore disk? I've totally tried finding them online as well with absolutely no luck. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!!!!
Weeeeeeeeell . . . it took me awhile to find you on MacTracker. The highest OS you can run is 10.5.8. To get those disks--which have to be retail disks--you are going to have to search. Problem is a lot of people sell machine-specific disks, and the actual retail disks can be more expensive than they are worth. As you can see on EBay the price varies, but you are looking at ~$100 for an obsolete system.

You may consider upgrading your mac.

Now, had you cloned your drive--I hate to be the "did you back-up guy" that, for years, everyone in computing--PC or Mac--wants to punch in the face then set on fire--but nowadays it is simple. You could then just boot off the clone and use the computer when you wondered about buying a new HD.

Though consider the price of an OS plus the price of a decent internal HD. You may consider saving a bit more to get a better computer._

Cool thanks alot for the help man. Yeah I might still be able to clone it if I can keep it spinning... will see what's up. Thanks!