Help installing jaguar on blue & white g3



Just need some help in figure out what might be going wrong with my attempts to install Jaguar. Here are the specs:

Power Mac G3 (blue and white)
300 mhz proc
12 GB hard drive
Mem - 316 RAM
Current OS is 9.2.2

I realize this is not the best machine to run OS X on, for a variety of reasons, but after getting used to OSX, I feel that it needs to be done, plus the work done on this computer does not require heavy computing, et al.

What happens:

When the installer starts and attempts to restart the computer, the computer does indeed restart. The screen goes to grey and the apple logo comes on the background (still all grey) - it's working. Then the display gets these lines across - as if interference, but they don't move. Installation effectively stops. The possible problem: the display is a PC display (and old at that). I read on a site that I have to be patient to allow for the computer and the display to synch up properly, but I've waited for a half hour and nothing has happened. Plus, if I hit the drive open, the tray prompty comes out with the install disk (it clearly stops being used at some point). My conclusion is that I should get a new display, preferably an apple one, and try it again. But I have never known a program to halt just b/c the display is taking a long time to synch....I guess if the computer is registering that there being no screen attached, then it would probably stop everything. But these are all suppositions, and I am no mac or computer expert. So my question is: get a new display or is there something else that can be done?

Thanks for any insights!

Are you using the stock video card that came with the G3?

Is the monitor a multisync monitor? I don't know if this is what might be causing the problem, but I wouldn't rule it out being an older VGA monitor that doesn't do multisyncing. You might want to try with a multisync can find some dirt cheap 14 and 15 inch multisync monitors from Dell and the like if you check online. You might also want to check out some places like Goodwill and such which tend to sell or recycle previously owned computers.
One other thing. You might have to install a firmware upgrade before you actually install OS X. It just occurred to me that this would be your problem. Check Apple's website under Support and then Downloads and do a search for a Power Mac G3 firmware upgrade.
i have heard that there are some problems installing on those with any video card other then the ATI rate 128 card that came stock. once installed you can put the better card back in though. I would also recommend to remove any other PCI cards just for the install as well.