Help Installing Tiger from eMac Install DVD - how to "exttract" install?

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Hi there. I am desperately in need of some tech help here. Thanks in advance. :) I am trying ot install Tiger from the eMac OS X Install DVDs that contain OS X Tiger. I have been trying to use them to install to my G4 Cube, but to no avail. The guy I biought them from said I should be able to install from them.

However, he has also said now that I need to "extract" the installs from the Tiger DVD and burn a new DVD, but I don't know how. I tried restoring them to a FW HDD and installing from there and got an error during install that said it "cannot install to this computer" . I tried a trick I read about restoring the DVD to an iPod and tried to install from that (I FW HDD mode) and I got the same error.

I poked around on the install DVD in Terminal, but that was no help. I looked at the install with Pacifist and that was interesting but I was not sure where to go from there.

Any help would be appreciated. If I was stupid and was swindled just let me know this is not possible and I will go and get another coopy of Tiger adn chock it up to experience.

My config: G4 Cube 500Mhz, NVIDIA GEFORCE FX 5200 vid card, 1.12gb Ram, 120 WD IDE HDD, OS X 10.3.9 and 9.2.2 installed.

Well my Tiger install DVD particularily says, eMacs

As does my Mothers MacMini Tiger install DVD, says MacMini

There maybe ways around it, who knows?
Yeah, this one says just "eMac" then below that "Mac OS X Install Disc 1"

Any help definitely apprecaited!
You need to buy a copy of Tiger for your Cube. The disks are machine specific.
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