Help! Keyboard Re-mapped (in French way)!


hi all, I don't know if anyone has similar experience, I tried Google for this but end up with nothing.

yesterday i changed the default system language of my iBook to French, only to find that my keyboard was re-mapped in the French way (A and Q, W and Z, M and ";" were reversed, among other things), after I switched the system language back to English, the mapping is back to usual QWERTY, but just for English input, when I use chinese input (i'm chinese) it's still the same French way of mapping, which is very inconvenient for chinese typing.

Set up a new account and re-login with it solve the problem, but that's certainly not the ideal way of solving this problem, do anybody know if it's possible for me to re-map the keyboard layout for chinese input in the QWERTY way? Many thanks in advance!

(btw, in the old threads I found one related to my problem but that's someone who wants to switch TO French layout, not FROM, plus the solutions provided in that thread don't work for me)

System: 10.3.9, iBook G3