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I would like to have the dock hidden but i want it to pop up sooner than it does when my mouse reaches the edge of the screen. What can I edit to make the dock "pop-up" quicker?
Mabey you could have someone go in and do a terminal hack. I'm sure that the speed that the dock moves at is programmed in these and is changeable.

I'm really reaching......
I think vic has the real answer to this problem.
well implementation wise I think that apple made it so that it appears when the mouse is near the botton so maybe someone can hack the co-ords of pop up to make it pop up sooner :)
AdmiralAK I beleive you know this one:

If you remember how you go into your global.prefs files you can edit your cursers speed? You should also be able to edit the docks pop-in' fresh speed. I don't know exactly how...but It is possible.