Help me out please


I'm on a college server and its awesome how I can connect to other Macintosh computers, but this native Windows networking, how does it work. There is a lot of stuff my friends can grab that I would like to. Is there a way to just display the Windows OS computers just like the Mac ones?Thank you
I had a similar situation when I was livin' in tha dorms... (ah the good 'ol days) ...any way your university should have an email address for some tech support and they're gonna be able to hook you up. You may have to go back into 9.x in order to do it since X may be too new to them, but I'm sure they'll have some solutions for you.
How about DAVE under OS 9 ?
I think OS X has samba for connecting to the windows world.
any ideas ?

I think I will try to get a how to up on this ;)