Help me shut down this scam please


Some idiot sent me another email saying...

"Dear User, eBay needs a correct information from you.

The link provided goes to this page.

The last time this happened to me, I emailed the web server company the page resided on, and it got shut down quickly. This time, it's like on it's own static IP. What should I / we do?


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The machine that the site is running on is hosted by this company.

What you are seeing at the SWsoft page is most likely a bullshit company front page to deter you if you attempt to research deeper.

Best thing to do will be to mail the hosting company and report with evidence that a malicious material is being hosted on a server in there range with the ip

I would also suggest that you leave any real personal information from any attempt to shutdown a site such as this. Stopping an ebay scammer for instance is a different world from people that do this kind of thing.


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You can also contact ebay, and let them, they will do the necessary investigating and legal work.


Hmm... the page doesn't seem to be loading, so maybe that's a good sign.

I sent an email to and reported it anyway. Here's eBay's "suspicious email" page.


Alex said:
Kudos to you all for trying to shut this down. I just moved it to The Cafe.
Yeah, I figured it belonged there, but in my rush I just wanted to get it in front of as many people as possible. :)